We won’t go into our entire dissertation on search engines, their means and methods, or the best way to submit to them here. We’ve been submitting to them, and studying them forever, but there isn’t the space here to go into all that ūüėČ What we do want to share with you, honestly, is our take on companies, services, and programs that submit your site to massive numbers of “search engines” …do they work? In a word…NO. We’ve personally tried many of them, and even offered this as a service of our own at one point. We stopped, why? Because it simply doesn’t work effectively, and we won’t sell something we don’t¬†believe in. The way most of these programs and services work, is they sell you on the concept of automatically submitting your website to 100, 200, 300, 400, or whatever number, of the top “search engines” on the Internet. How many search engines do you use? The cold hard fact is there is arguably 6 to 12 search engines that matter, and that’s it. So what makes up the rest of the top 400 list? Tiny search engines, small directories, and mostly “Free For All” Links pages that in the grand scheme of the Internet, don’t amount to spitting in the ocean. In addition, many of the major search engines are just not friendly to URLs submitted by these “robots”. True…the more people that see your link the better, but bang for the buck??…it just doesn’t add up.


Web sites that move, that¬†grab the minds of those that view them, web sites that communicate, achieve a specified goal,¬†web sites that work… that’s what¬†DreamFire¬†Studios¬†specializes in. Whether a super¬†fast loading¬†web site that’s light on the interactive glitz and just gets to the point, like this version… or full-blown Flash Movie web sites that push the envelope of your imagination… we’ve got the creativity and technological might to deliver the living, breathing essence of your company to the web. We deliver the power to get you noticed on the vast Internet – the first step in WWW dominance.¬†DreamFire¬†Studios¬†discovers the essence of your company, develops a top-flight marketing strategy, enlists the digital cowboys in our graphic arts department, and puts it all together with the latest tools: Macromedia’s Flash, Java, Javascript, DHTML, and CGI, for a web site that is a proud member of your team…one that has the power to be your top salesman, goodwill ambassador, and more.


When your web site is developed by¬†DreamFire¬†Studios, you’ve got savvy marketing built in to it automatically. We design content with Keywords in mind from the very start to prove Search Engine friendly when the site is done. But content development, keyword placement, layout, design, and the like is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a killer marketing presence on the web. We’ve got the experience, know-how, and marketing muscle to stand by you when it’s time to take the next step up. The marketing packages offered by¬†DreamFire¬†Studios¬†are as varying and custom-tailored as the web sites we¬†design…no two are alike, because no two companies or their goals are alike. Just¬†some¬†of the many services offered include:
–Search Engine Mastery¬†…from simple but careful submission to the top search engines by hand, to long term analysis of competitors search engine placement and continued counter programming to ensure your domination. What we don’t offer is submission to mass search engines,¬†click here¬†to learn more.
–Promotional Tie-ins¬†…on and off the web, from print to radio to on-line banner campaigns. We conceptualize, design, develop, and deliver.
–Alliance Development and Negotiations¬†…If you don’t know what this is, your missing out on a world of opportunity, and it’s one of our specialties.

Web Hosting

The best designed web site in the world is useless if it’s hosted on a slow or unreliable server. That’s why¬†DreamFire¬†Studios¬†gives you the option of hosting your web site on our lightning fast, ultra-reliable Global Servers. Through our¬†Advanced Internet Technologies¬†partnership your website can benefit from hosting packages are jam packed with features that many ISP’s charge extra for. Plans start at $15 per month for all the speed you need, the peace of mind of rock-sold reliability and access to the 327 MILLION Web users expected in the year 2000.
–Dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity
–Multiple DS-3 backbones
–Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers
–Cisco 7000 series routers
–Ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers
–SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing
–NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest path using BGP4 protocol
–Rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures protect your data
–Your own CGI-Bin
–Server Stats and raw logs
–POP3 email with forwarders, autoresponders and more.
–Linux OS running Apache Web Server.
–NT hosting available as well

Louisville Kentucky Web Design and Development

Welcome to¬†DreamFireStudiosan Advanced Internet Presence Provider focusing on¬†cutting-edge web design¬†that surpasses the normal, boring cookie-cutter web “billboards” that occupy the majority of the Internet today. We specialize in bringing the¬†heart and soul of your business¬†to the global market of the Internet. Unlike most of the web design shops and web designers today, the¬†DreamFire¬†Studios¬†development team is built on a¬†solid marketing foundation¬†with a fundamental understanding of how to¬†reach your market…¬†and deliver your message, cutting through the clutter, to stand high above the rest.
The success we deliver to our web design clients is due to three determining factors…
Understanding the market…
how it thinks, how it reacts, how to affect it, and how to design web sites that speak to it and stand out. From colors, to graphics, to layout, to content development, we create with winning in mind.
Understanding your company…a web site is a direct reflection of the company, it is part of you, part of your staff. We take the time to understand your history, your goals, what makes you different, and where your future lies.
Understanding the technology…the web is a constantly changing entity, if you don’t evolve, you will be left behind. That’s why we deliver¬†Flash¬†Web Design,¬†Shockwave¬†Design, E-commerce, on-line database design solutions and more to keep your site proudly ahead of the rest.


Web site administration is something that is extremely necessary in your quest for Internet dominance. Your site must be kept up to date, it must be fresh, and it must be changed from time to time. To simply stick up a site, and let it sit there forever is a waste of your time and money. There are two options, hire a competent webmaster for your company, or use¬†DreamFire¬†Studios‘ Site Administration service. We provide many levels of Administration plans ranging from a few text changes every two months, to major additions and modifications on a weekly basis, to changes on a daily

basis. We custom design and negotiate Administration plans for every client company that needs one so they can concentrate on running their business, while one of our webmasters focuses on the running of their web site. We can develop a plan that is right, and cost effective for you.
The only “pre-made” Administration plan we feature is is our Spring Cleaning package. This is designed for our clients to give their website a new look, a total face-lift to keep their site fresh and interesting. Some think this is appropriate once a year, others shoot for between two and three years. Whichever you choose, the Spring Cleaning package is the ticket to a rejuvenated web site. This plan is available only to our design clients and we charge 40% of initial design charges.