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I actually do not like online marketing, but it is how things work today in business. There are just too many potential customers online to ignore it as a means to acquiring new business prospects. We were making limited use of social media, then I was advised that I should have a presence on every platform as my demographic of customer was diverse enough that they are spread out over different social media. I never used Instagram for business before, so when it came time to buy real Instagram followers to get our account established fast, I wanted to choose the best way to do that.

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Satellite Isn’t What It Used to Be

I remember when we first had satellite TV services back during the late 1990s, if there was even a little rain in the forecast we would lose service and our friends said to buy Directv. I was really upset when this happened, because we would have a good movie on and then it would just go to all fuzzy static on the TV. After about three weeks of this type of service, my husband and I called and we complained enough to get out of our contract voided and we did not have to pay any kind of termination fees, we should have went to buy directTV. I wanted to make sure that we were going to be good with our new cable company that was local and we did not have to sign a contract with them. I really do not like being forced to sign contracts because it makes me feel like it is something that I can not get out of.

I was really happy to see that the new satellite company was not going to make me sign a contract. I thought that there were a lot of people that had gotten satellite recently so I put out a call on my social media, asking friends and family for any type of feedback that we could get on their satellite TV. I posted all of the problems that we had with the first time we had satellite television and a lot of people told me that they never had those type of problems with their current satellite system. I called one of my friends companies, she said that she had great luck with, and I ended up having someone come out to my house to install the satellite. I am saving so much money over the local cable company that we used to have, I am starting a savings account for a vacation next year with the extra money.

Drinking alcohol, health effects or free it

So research institutes are very happy, after all, they have a problem. Wine companies are happy, no matter how much, lichen prime is not a thing of foreign wine. Some media are happy and the annual tasks of the business sector are less difficult to complete. Some investors are happy, seeing this liquor plate is up non-stop.

What is lichenin?

Lichenysin is a substance secreted by Bacillus licheniformis, a bacterium that is widespread in nature. Chinese liquor is fermented with koji, while koji is actually a complex of fungi and bacteria. Each song inside the song is not the same, so the fermentation products are complex, creating a liquor “style and flavor diversity.” As a passerby, Bacillus licheniformis mixed into the song, resulting in the fermentation products appeared lichen prime, that’s no more normal.

How did that passer-by become a health guard? This goes back to thirty years ago, when domestic clinical microbiologists in our country particularly liked doing “bacteriostatic experiments,” which is to see if a substance or strain can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in petri dishes. After all, Fleming discovered the penicillin eighty years ago. At that time there was a doctor to a patient’s vaginal swab microbiological culture and found that in addition to the common Lactobacillus (normal vaginal flora, the resulting acidic environment can inhibit the growth of other harmful microorganisms) there is a strange, The result of the identification is Bacillus licheniformis. Laboratory studies have found that this bacterium grows well in acid environments made by Lactobacilli and can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.

That era, the concept of probiotics still more than now. That year, our father and mother and grandparents toss “Kombucha” momentum than we made “enzyme” most of the momentum. Nothing new under the sun

So for Bacillus licheniformis research started, continues today, is a variety of Bacillus licheniformis preparations, from diarrhea to vaginitis, a very wide range of uses.

Lichen, as a metabolite isolated from Bacillus licheniformis, has also been studied. Laboratory research found its various biological activities. However, tens of millions of laboratory research, can go to the clinic without one. Sometimes drugs can not be better, you can develop health products, ah, after all, as long as it is not bad on the line.

Licorice wine will be able to fight cancer? There are alcohol in the wine too!

What does it mean to have lichenin in liquor (or anything else you’ve never heard of)? First of all, it means that fermented liquor is very complex, what peat smell, nutty flavor, tobacco flavor, floral fruit flavor … That’s nothing. Our wine can taste the smell of burning plastic and 80 different rotten leaves Taste, if you do not know “product” words. Second, mean that Professor Xu’s laboratory testing technology has improved. Now that detection techniques are getting more accurate, trace detection can detect even 1 trillionth of such levels. So, what is found in what I’m not surprised, whether it is penguin DDT or liquor anti-cancer substances.

Speaking of anti-cancer, “logical discovery of traces of anti-cancer substances in the wine, so moderate drinking health” such a logical deduction can be called classic. Because no matter what kind of wine, alcohol is one of the important or main component, and alcohol is a type of carcinogen. Alcohol can cause oral cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer, the evidence is conclusive. In addition, other hazards of alcohol are more clearly understood. It is the sixth most common cause of death for adults in China and directly causes the death of more than 300,000 people each year.

If this is not enough to be on the waking eye, the next piece of data will make you even more “hypnotized” – nearly 14 million years of alcohol-induced DALY annually in China. DALY is the result of a factor that leads to the full healthy life lost from the onset to the death. In other words, if you do not drink alcohol at all, the Chinese live a healthy life of more than 14 million years a year. Think carefully.

How about Chinese drinking now? According to the research conducted by WHO and other public health agencies, the per capita annual pure alcohol intake of our population over the age of 15 in 2010 was 6.7 liters, which is the mid-stream level in the world. However, the survey found that our drinking rate is not high, about half of men over the age of 15 and over 80% of women over 15 said they do not drink. In this way, the per capita consumption of alcohol consumed by those who drink alcohol is as high as 15 liters or more, ranking the highest in the world. Even more worrying is that with the continuous decline in global per capita consumption of alcohol, we staged a “retrograde drunk beauty,” and consumption continued to rise.

The dotted line in the figure shows the change in per capita alcohol intake in China. The figure calculated by the national population is not too high compared with other countries. However, if only those who drink alcohol are counted, their per capita annual alcohol intake will reach 15.1 liters in 2010, ranking the highest in the world. Image Source: Literature [1]

I also drink alcohol, although every drop of drink I drink brings me a higher health risk. But as the oldest human use of drugs, I know the health risks of drinking alcohol and try to keep those risks under control while enjoying its social function.

If a liquor company does not improve the taste and stability of its products, it does not explore the cultural value of the products, but rather the “health effects“. What I think, no matter what, if it is done, it is a rogue. Both china and abroad.



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