Only the palm size, HP small print pocket pocket printer for sale

Hewlett-Packard’s business printer we hear much, recently they launched for the mass consumer market small print Pocket Photo Printer Sprocket, the main portable and easy to use, with a white body rose gold trim and black body silver-gray trim two color options , Has been on sale at HP’s official mall, Jingdong pre-order price of 1099 yuan.

HP small print portable photo printer weighs about 170g, thickness of about 2.1cm, the size of only the palm of your hand, very convenient to carry, sleek minimalist appearance can be pleasing. The use of is also relatively simple, simply connect the smart phone via Bluetooth, through the HP small print APP to print tothe photo paper, photo specifications for the 2×3 (5.0 * 7.6 cm) inches, print quality 313x400dpi. The APP can also add text photos, colorful frames, labels, filters and other effects.

It is worth mentioning that, HP small pocket photo printer using ZINK Zero Ink inkless printing technology, dedicated photo paper (50 yuan 20, the maximum capacity of 10 cartons) has been embedded in all colors, printing process Will be presented according to the photo needs. Printed photos with color lasting, waterproof tearproof features.

Although nowadays digital photos, cell phone photography is already the first choice for most people daily shooting, but some important or have special significance photos, we are still willing to print into physical photo souvenir, the use of flexible portable printers just to meet this part of the demand, In fact, in addition to HP, Canon, LG and other manufacturers also introduced a similar product.


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Your iPhone 7 can also be wirelessly charged

Rumors that the next generation of iPhone may support ultra long-distance wireless charging technology, far more advanced than the current market technology, or even without charging the base and cell phone contact. But all this seems far away from us, but it, but with such a protective shell but can make your iPhone 7 wireless charging.

It is reported that, ZENS is a can bring iPhone 7 wireless charging protection shell, while maintaining the slim can also provide good protection for the iPhone 7 mobile phone. It is worth mentioning that, ZENS protective shell has now passed the MFi and Qi certification, which means that it can be used with most of the wireless charging pad on the market. In addition, this product also has a built-in MicroUSB interface, users can connect the charging cable when needed.

In addition, ZENS protective shell is expected to enter the market by the end of February, ZENS and wireless charger bundled price of 49.99 US dollars (about 343 yuan). Before Apple’s next-generation iPhone supports wireless charging capabilities, take a look at this case for the iPhone 7 wireless charging protection case.

Instantaneous synchronization of translation headphones: Pilot began to accept reservations

Although the same world, the same dream, but you may be separated from the dream of a language barrier, which is also a lot of people in the world when traveling a modest annoyance. Nowadays, when the network of science and technology is developed, the problem will cease to exist. A real-time translation headphone Pilot can help you, the earliest release of this headset is completed by crowdfunding, is now ready to accept the reservation.

There are many instant translation apps on the market, like Google Translate for Google and Microsoft Skype for Skype. However, Waverly Labs Pilot translation headset is cut in hardware, the use of more simple and convenient. In addition, the hardware of the Pilot smart headset includes a dual noise-canceling mini-microphone and a module to filter out ambient noise and noise. In addition, it uses technologies such as speech recognition, machine translation and speech synthesis. It is worth mentioning that this product is manufactured in Shenzhen, but all other design and development are done in the United States.

The Pilot has two earpieces just like regular headphones. When you need to talk to a foreigner, just put one of the earplugs on each other, and the headset can translate the two in real time. If one of you does not want to wear headphones, you can also use the speakerphone mode through the app. Currently supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, it should be noted that this product is currently not supported by Chinese, the official said it needs to wait until next year to support.

In fact, Pilot headphones take offline mode of operation, so do not worry about using mobile data charges when abroad. In addition, Pilot headphones in addition to translation capabilities, but also can be used as a general music headphones. Currently available in red, black and white a total of three color options. Has now begun to accept the scheduled price of 249 US dollars (about 1716 yuan), including two headsets, a portable charger and exclusive applications, and will be officially shipped this summer.


The screen can only show the time can you accept such a minimalist phone it

With the development of science and technology, smart phones are now more and more integrated, and can achieve functions including, but not limited to, making phone calls, listening to music, playing games, surfing the Internet, and shopping. Once our cell phone is out of power or lost, we are at risk of suffering from the so-called cell phone anxiety disorder. So some people do the opposite, designed a very minimalist style can reflect the smart phone – The Light Phone.

To be honest, The Light Phone can no longer be regarded as a smart phone, essentially more like a functional machine, you can only make calls the most basic functions. From the outside, the front screen shows time in everyday situations, while the phone number is displayed only when you dial or call. Basically, you can not send text messages and other operations. The Light Phone also offers a lock-free SIM card, but only with 2G network, does not support Bluetooth.

This back to nature, simplistic mobile phone, in fact, landed in 2015 on the US crowdfunding website Kickstarter, in January this year, began shipping to the first batch of users, and now you can come up with 150 US dollars to order, is expected to Delivered at the end of May, but this phone is currently only available in the United States.