Characteristics of Green Real Estate

Home is very important for all people. Why people must have home? People will know where to go and where the best place to stay when they have home. They will have a place where they will meet their family when they have home. Home is better place for all of you to enjoy your real life. Read More

The Use of Solar Panel as Feature in Green Real Estate

Green real estate is the one that has many green features included in the building as well as the environment where the building is built on. If you are not familiar with those features, you have to know that they are actually the ones that make the real estate has more green values inside. Read More

Finding Eco-Friendly Real Estate

In this global day, you might realize that our environment is changing. There are not so many trees around you anymore. You always heard about global warming that will change our earth. As human realize that earth is growing old every year, they also realize that it is time for taking care our earth so we can live healthy. Lately, some companies try their best to be eco-friendly, including real estate company. Some of real estate companies usually use the “Go Green” campaign as the main attraction to the potential buyers. They want to make eco-friendly real estate so they can give something for the environment. However, creating eco-friendly real estate is not enough. If you have real estate company, then you need to go green in your own company. It means that you do it inside the company so the employers will have respect to the environment.Read More

What Makes Estate Green and Healthy

Home or residence is where everything begins. The start of the day begins here and also ends here. The lives of our offspring are started at home, too. It is where dreams and visions of future begin. Whether the house is newly built, inherited or bought, the same hopes retain. Regardless where you live, where you are from and social status, home and dreams always go together. Nowadays, with the rising concern about where human belongs, i.e. to the world and nature, green and healthy property is increasing in demands. What factors make this estate becoming a boom and trend?Read More