Fingertip gyro toxic: no fun to play but you just can’t stop it

Recently, the Finger Spinner started to flicker on the Internet and became like a man and a woman. Fingertip gyro was originally a tool designed to help people decompression, as long as we use the index finger and thumb hold the middle bearing part, gently dial the blade, the gyro will spin up. Finger top gyro is very friendly to the user, because get started quickly, but the network also has some tricks video.

Fingertip gyro does not seem to be anything special, but many people are so fond of this gadget, the video on fingertips Gyro has more than one hundred million hits on YouTube, and even some users made a YouTube site Spoof video, so that fingertips Gyro into the movie “interstellar crossing.”

Fingertip gyro probably want to stop your finger moment, kill boring time. In addition, recently introduced a foreign country called Spinner Pad desktop gadget, is fixed to the top gyro gyro on the desktop, so you can move at any time.

If you are an Apple user, you can also download a free app called Finger Spinner. This is an iOS game that can simulate a fingertip gyro, but after all, the sliding screen operation, certainly not as good as spinning fingertips gyro fun.

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