Foamex 10 Inch Premium Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Foamex 10 Inch Premium eco friendly memory foam mattress is made from eco-friendly memory foam, that uses plant-based ingredients instead of petroleum, is affordable and reasonably priced and has many happy customers.

Foamex 10 Inch Premium Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

  • 3 inch Aerus Natural premium 4 pound density memory foam comfort layer
  • 7-inch IntelliForm support layer
  • Open-cell, highly breatheable memory foam
  • Heat dissipation and enhanced airflow for cooler sleeping surface.
  • Ultra comfort
  • Eco-friendly
  • Soft cashmere-like cover made from bamboo fiber

Made From/Made Up Of

The Foamex 10 inch premium eco-friendly memory foam mattress is made up of a 7 inch base layer. This base or support latyer is made from Telliform to give you great support and comfort. The top comfort layer is 3 inches of Aerus Natural premium 4 pound density memory foam. This contains plant-based ingredients in place of traditionally used petroleum based ingredients.Foamex 10 Inch Premium Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

Environmentally Friendly

The Foamex 10 inch eco-friendly memory foam mattress is environmentally friendly in several ways. First the Aerus Natural memory foam has plant-based ingredients in place of traditional petroleum based ones. This is to help support environmental sustainability. The mattress is also made using a patented VPFSM process which virtually guarantees zero emissions being release into the environment while being manufactured. Lastly the cover of the mattress is made from bamboo.


The Foamex 10 inch eco-friendly memory foam mattress has open-cell highly breathable memory foam which enhances airflow, dissipates heat to give a cooler sleep surface. Many memory foam mattresses fall down on this point, but having a breathable mattress is important if you don’t want to overheat or feel uncomfortable! To further enhance this the mattress cover is made from bamboo which helps wick moisture away and provides a cooler sleep surface.

Mattress Cover

The mattress cover for the Foamex memory foam mattress is cashmere-like in feel and made from bamboo fibers. This helps keep you cool and helps wick moisture away/

Available Sizes

The Foamex 10 inch memory foam mattress is available in twin, full, queen and king size.


The cost of the Foamex memory foam mattress is of course dependent on the size that you are after but by buying from Amazon you can save up to 46% on the retail price. Below is a break down on the size and cost.

What Do Customers Say About The Foamex 10 Inch Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

Customers who bought the Foamex mattress were overall very pleased rating the mattress with an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5. The lowest score given was 3 stars (and this is quite a feat when most other memory foam mattresses get 1 or 2 stars as well as top marks too).

Customer comments:

  • “Here’s the short version: product is exactly what it claims to be; it’s firm but not excessively so; it’s indistinguishable from the Tempurpedic Cloud; cost 1/4 of same; delivered in 4 days from Amazon with free shipping; wrapped in 4 layers of plastic, squashed to a fraction of it’s open size; completely restored and 95% “de-odored” in 24 hours; slept on it the next night, about 36 hours after opening. Loved it. Couldn’t be happier….”
  • “…I love it! It is incredibly comfortable for me and molds well to my body…“
  • “This mattress rocks! I’ve noticed I don’t toss and turn as much as I did with my old inner spring mattress, and don’t wake up during the night. It’s a slight bit firmer than I thought it would be, but still totally comfortable…”
  • “Boy, I wish I had purchased this mattress a long time ago. Could have saved myself a lot of restless nights due to the numb arms, and sore joints I got from my old traditional mattress….I won’t recap the other reviews, except to say that I agree with them: It’s a great mattress! “


Some customers from FoamGlobes mentioned that the mattress got hot, despite the fact that the mattress claims to be tailored to deal with this issue. One customer said:

“Comfortable, but retains A LOT of heat. No hot-spots, the heat seems to be fairly evenly distributed. Even my wife, who is always cold, has complained about how much warmer this bed is, and now gets too hot at night as well. Otherwise this bed is a huge improvement in terms of comfort…over-all we enjoy the bed. “

So if you are looking for an environmentally friendly memory foam mattress that is fairly cheap and gives you a great night’s sleep, the Foamex 10 inch eco friendly memory foam mattress might just be right for you.

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