Web Hosting

The best designed web site in the world is useless if it’s hosted on a slow or unreliable server. That’s why DreamFire Studios gives you the option of hosting your web site on our lightning fast, ultra-reliable Global Servers. Through our Advanced Internet Technologies partnership your website can benefit from hosting packages are jam packed with features that many ISP’s charge extra for. Plans start at $15 per month for all the speed you need, the peace of mind of rock-sold reliability and access to the 327 MILLION Web users expected in the year 2000.
–Dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity
–Multiple DS-3 backbones
–Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers
–Cisco 7000 series routers
–Ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers
–SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing
–NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest path using BGP4 protocol
–Rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures protect your data
–Your own CGI-Bin
–Server Stats and raw logs
–POP3 email with forwarders, autoresponders and more.
–Linux OS running Apache Web Server.
–NT hosting available as well

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