Life 45 days! Nokia Withings Steel HR smart watches on sale

Recently, a brand of intelligent wear called Withings is often active in the market. In fact, it is a Nokia brand to do smart wear products, focus on healthy brand. Recently, Withings new products landed in Hong Kong, Withings Steel HR smart watches officially opened in Hong Kong. Its design tends to Scandinavian style, concise and restrained. There are two versions of black and white, are using a circular dial design, with a small display above. The whole looks very different from the traditional watch. I believe people like traditional watches are also very easy to accept it.

Withings Steel HR can display data such as heart rate, number of steps and calorie consumption according to the instructions. At the same time its heart rate monitoring function is very good, whether it is normal or in motion, it can be accurately measured and uploaded to the network, and data with the Withings Health Mate App (Android and iOS version) can be seen. In addition, Withings Steel HR smartwatch also supports 50 meters waterproof, automatic monitoring of heart rate and sleep quality.

It is worth mentioning that, Withings Steel HR’s life is quite powerful. It has up to 25 days of battery life. Interestingly, after 25 days still not charged, it will automatically turn off heart rate monitoring and other functions, enter the power saving mode, into a common watch, continue to life 20 days. The equivalent of an additional 20 days to record basic activities, such as walking and light exercise and other data. Therefore, it can be said that Withings Steel HR can continue to use 45 days without charging, which is better than many similar products on the market.

Currently, the Withings Steel HR smart watch is available in Hong Kong. The 36mm version is available in black and white and the 40mm version is available in black only and priced at HK $ 1,688 (HK $ 1,495) and HK $ 1,888 yuan). In fact, the e-commerce platform in Jingdong can also be purchased, but the current status is still out of stock, the price is about 2100 yuan.

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