Made in China! Dubai robot robots first summer job

Today, with the development of artificial intelligence, many robots can begin to perform some simple tasks instead of humans. This will not only save time and manpower, but also greatly improve efficiency. According to foreign media reports, this summer, Dubai will launch the first robot police. By 2030, robotic police are expected to account for 25% of the size of the Dubai police force. This means that robotic cops may be serving you in the streets of Dubai in the near future.

It is learned that this robotic police named “E-Patrol Robot Sheriff” (electronic patrol robot police), 1.6 meters in height, master a number of language skills to recognize face, through the touch screen alarm, you can track criminals or suspects, Pay traffic fines and other operations.

Simply put, it can be patrolled around the clock monitoring, the use of visual system, you can not use any human control for autonomous walking, autonomous mobile crawling face information, facial recognition. Can effectively assist the police to arrest fugitives, but also interact with passengers to answer questions, and detect the ambient temperature, early detection of fire and other security risks, thus saving the police force. It is worth mentioning that it is made in China. Previously, this robot police station in Zhengzhou Railway Station on duty, with built-in sensors to detect a small-scale fire.

At present, Dubai is vigorously creating a “Smart City,” hoping to become a global leader in this field. The deployment of the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff has made Dubai one of the first cities in the world to deploy robotic police. Deployment of robot police is only part of Dubai’s “smart police system” plan, and in the future there will be more investment. Dubai will also set up a smart police station, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure urban safety and more.

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