Make a Small Park to Save Our Earth

Nowadays, our earth becomes hotter from time to time. This is what we call as global warming. Almost every creature in this world feels this hot temperature. I don’t want to say as warm temperature. Why? Because the definition of warm is not suitable with we feel so far. Warm is the condition between hot and cool which can make us feel comfortable. We as human should pay attention for this condition. We take all the roles in this life cycle. We have to be responsible from all we have done. Believe me! all of these changes are because of us. We have to think smart to solve this problem. The existence of tree as the provider of oxygen has to be determined by all of us. In flash, we only agree about the benefit of tree, but where is the action? Don’t think the action, but act from the thought!

This is not easy to provide a big tree near our house. It may be because of the limitation of land that we have. Don’t stop think because of the plan A cannot be realized. Even though your house and land is not wide enough, you can donate with what you have. What you have here means the land that you have. The small yard in your house is a good space that can save our earth. By replace your yard with a cute park is a good idea. What you must have is effort. You can start by cleaning the yard itself.

Remove all the grass and trash. Fertile the ground by using fertilizer! It is easy to find fertilizer, but I recommend you to use the organic one. Why? Because by using an organic one you can exploit and save the household organic waste. Easy right? You can save your money by using that one. If you have made the preparation for the ground, now it’s the time for you to prepare the plant. In small yard, you can choose the small plant, for example is flower and ornamental plants. Choose the right plant which can grow well in your area. Having a small park, you can save the earth by donating the oxygen, and make your house looks more beautiful and nice. Let’s try! And Have a nice Park!

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