Only the palm size, HP small print pocket pocket printer for sale

Hewlett-Packard’s business printer we hear much, recently they launched for the mass consumer market small print Pocket Photo Printer Sprocket, the main portable and easy to use, with a white body rose gold trim and black body silver-gray trim two color options , Has been on sale at HP’s official mall, Jingdong pre-order price of 1099 yuan.

HP small print portable photo printer weighs about 170g, thickness of about 2.1cm, the size of only the palm of your hand, very convenient to carry, sleek minimalist appearance can be pleasing. The use of is also relatively simple, simply connect the smart phone via Bluetooth, through the HP small print APP to print tothe photo paper, photo specifications for the 2×3 (5.0 * 7.6 cm) inches, print quality 313x400dpi. The APP can also add text photos, colorful frames, labels, filters and other effects.

It is worth mentioning that, HP small pocket photo printer using ZINK Zero Ink inkless printing technology, dedicated photo paper (50 yuan 20, the maximum capacity of 10 cartons) has been embedded in all colors, printing process Will be presented according to the photo needs. Printed photos with color lasting, waterproof tearproof features.

Although nowadays digital photos, cell phone photography is already the first choice for most people daily shooting, but some important or have special significance photos, we are still willing to print into physical photo souvenir, the use of flexible portable printers just to meet this part of the demand, In fact, in addition to HP, Canon, LG and other manufacturers also introduced a similar product.


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