Sewingdealer Questions

Pre-Proposal Questionnaire for Brother Sewing Machine Dealers:
Please answer to the best of your knowledge

General Info

Company Name:
Store Name (if different):
Physical Address:
Admin Phone Number: (the number we call to talk to you)
Customer Phone Number: (the number you want on your web site for customers to call. i.e. 800 number if available)
Your E-Mail Address:


If you plan on featuring Sewing Machines other than Brother, please list them here.
(We’ll get to accessories and add-ons below)
Approximately how many machines do you want to feature on the site?
(If simply featuring the whole Brother line, simply enter FULL LINE)
Do you wish to feature the full line of Brother Embroidery Cards on the site?  YES  NO
Do you wish to feature other Brother Accessories on your site, such as hoops, feet, & Thread sets?  YES  NO
If you plan on featuring accessories, or other items outside of the Brother Line please give a brief description here: 
(If you don’t plan on this, just leave this blank)
If you have items listed above, please give an estimation of how many different items you wish to feature.
For items and machines that CAN be priced on the Internet, do you wish to sell them through E-Commerce? 
(With a shopping cart on your site, able to securely take credit card orders)
 Yes  No  Don’t Know
Will there be certain pages on your web site that you would like to be able to edit on your own with a simple web interface?  Yes  No  Don’t Know

Current Status

If you currently have any web sites, please list them here
Will we be purchasing a new domain name for this web site project, or do you currently own the name you wish to use for this project?  New Name  Already Own
If you already own the name for this new site, please list it here:
Do you currently have a digital logo for this site that you’re happy with?  YES  NO
Do you currently have Brother Co-Op money that you plan on using to help pay for the site design?  Yes  No  N/A
If planning on using co-op money, are we working under a co-op deadline of less than a month?  Yes  No
Do you currently have a budget designated for the design of this web site?  Yes  No
If you are comfortable sharing that budget information with us at this time, please select the range that’s appropriate:

Market / Preferences

List three web sites that you see as the biggest competitors to your new web site:
List three web sites that you personally like and/or find compelling: 
(They do not need to be in your industry, we’re just looking for personal taste here.)
If you have any specific reasons for liking those web sites, please describe them here:
If you have any color schemes that you particularly find appealing, please describe:
Other information that you think would help us in developing the perfect web site for your needs:

Thank you. If you’re done, please hit the SUBMIT button, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.


Regarding your privacy… DreamFire Studios will NOT share this information, including any contact information with ANYONE. This is for our in-house use only, and your privacy is always held in the highest regards.