Urgent: Build Eco Friendly Homes and Make Earth Better Place to Live

Home sweet home is not just where a family’s heart belongs. In current context, a home sweet home would be a place where living is not taking advantage of other being’s welfare and considering every aspect in making it ecology friendly. Building eco friendly homescan be made economical as long as the concept is clear. Even if more money will be needed at the beginning of the construction process, the cost will get lower in the long run. It should be kept in mind that cost here means more than just how much money spent but how much damage that can be anticipated. The movement for creating a better place to live has to start now and the simplest way does matter.

Energy Saving

The first principle in building eco friendly homes is how to save as much energy as possible. It means that home owners with their consultant need to figure out how to provide more natural lights in the house, alternative energy resources for heating and cooking as well as what installation that should be created so that the house will be warmer in colder seasons and remain cool in warmer months. Applying solar energy panel is a must considered aspect to cut down electricity use. Selecting proper flooring and wall materials is also important. Large windows with glass will be able to provide more natural lights and reduce lamps use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Planning and constructing eco friendly homes may take more careful and detailed designs but when it is over, maintenance will be much easier. There won’t be too much electrical installation to take care of and being regularly checked. Cleaning process can also be more efficient since wiping and washing with natural home-made remedies can be applied. Combination of technology and home care can change a lot. And it can start from your home!

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